The top 7 benefits of solar power on the Sunshine Coast

There is a lot of information available to any consumer thinking of installing solar on your household. This high level of material can sometimes make it difficult to determine whether installing a solar system is right for you. To help you make an informed decision, we will give you concise and professional information about the top 7 solar advantages that apply today, so you can decide if solar on your home or business is right for you.

Advantage #1 – Real savings on your electricity bill

Among the most significant advantages of a roof top solar panel system is that such a renewable energy power system can provide you with significant savings on your electricity bill.

When you install solar on your home or commercial premises you start generating your own energy from day 1. It is a very pleasant feeling to see an electricity bill that is decreasing, after watching for years, electricity prices creep up. A quality solar power system, with as promoted by SolarWide generally has a 25 plus year life expectancy, which means these savings are locked in for many years. In general, the ROI on solar can be 20% plus and the system can pay itself off in as little 4 years, which is one of the shortest timeframes, in the whole world. The reasons are the many sunlight hours in Australia and Queensland specifically, as well as the available Government rebates.

Advantage #2 – Less electricity price volatility

With solar on your house, you become less dependent on the grid, and you have some insurance against the increasing electricity prices. Electricity prices have risen steadily over the last decade.  Electricity prices will also most likely go up in the future, which means your electric bill will rise as well. Your solar power system will shield you from these rising energy costs.

This is because you don’t have to purchase that expensive electricity from your utility because you generate your own. As a result, rising electric costs are a thing of the past. In fact, rising prices may be beneficial when installing solar. How – you might ask. It’s quite simple, because if you install a big solar system, when the price per kWh goes up, then the value of what you are generating is also going up, therefore your ROI and your overall savings amount will have increased. Also if kWh prices from the retailer go up, this might also mean the Feed in Tariff (FIT) rate, being the amount you get paid for exporting your solar can go up, increasing your income stream.

Advantage #3 – Solar prices are at a historic low, and likely to increase

Right now, solar systems are more cost-effective than ever before. Panels that did cost around $5 per watt a little more than a decade ago are now often below a dollar per watt with new improved technology. That’s a 500% plus reduction over this period. Inverters, while not reducing in cost as much as PV panels, have also fallen in price – making solar today, cheaper than ever before. While energy prices have stopped rising and have plateaued for now, it is not likely that solar system costs will reduce further. It is actually very likely that the prices for PV systems will have to rise soon.

The reasons are that key input costs have increased mainly due to Covid 19 and supply chain-related issues. For example, the shipping costs of 40-foot containers for solar panels have increased from $3,000  two years ago to as much as $9,000 right now. The same cost increases are faced for the surface glass of solar panels and solar cells, as demand outstrips supply.  Many of these increases have still not been passed on, therefore solar is right now more affordable to more house owners than it has ever been.

 Advantage #4 – Making a positive environmental impact

Electricity generated by solar panels emits no greenhouse gases. When we generate the electricity with solar panels, nothing is emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, solar PV is environmentally friendly and as you are using the solar resources on your home you do not use as much coal fire generated power, which generates a lot of CO2.  Consequently, the carbon footprint of your family home has been reduced, which is a positive thing, for now and especially for future generations.

Advantage #5 – Increasing the value of your home

Solar systems, especially if they’re the higher quality, longer lasting type, can increase your house value and are increasingly being included as an asset in home evaluations. According to real estate studies, homes with solar power systems have greater real estate values and sell faster than residences without. Popularity for solar-powered homes will continue to rise as buyers become more knowledgeable about enormous financial advantages and the environmental benefits of the technology.

Advantage #6 – Quality solar systems are low maintenance, reliable and have long warranties

If you buy cheap solar, be prepared for a journey of troubles in a short time. Purchase quality solar and you will find that you are getting a reliable money earner, with low maintenance costs.

With modern solar monitoring technology widely available, solar panel system maintenance is becoming increasingly simple. If you buy reliable components such as LG panels, which are backed by the 300 Australian based staff at LG Electronics Australia, then the long product warranties give you are real peace of mind solution.  The only thing to watch out is if your solar panels have accumulated a larger amount of soil or dust and you had no rain for months, it is still recommended that you have them cleaned on a regular basis. SolarWide offers such a panel cleaning service .

Advantage #7 – Getting solar now means you are ready for a home battery, EV charging and Smart Home Applications   

If you get a new solar system from SolarWide today, then when we design the system, we will look at your current electricity consumption, usually via exploring your past electricity bills. We will also consider your plans to purchase a solar storage battery, an electric vehicle or other smart home devices such as a hot water diverter in years to come.

Therefore, a system we design today can be “Home Battery and EV Charging” ready, meaning the solar system capacity will be most likely a bit larger than what you require right now, so that in the future we can add a battery to your home, give you the security of a power back up system, and will not have to add extra panels to the solar system. It also means you have divided the purchase costs for a solar and battery combo over several stages, making it easier to purchase these items.

If you after any obligation free solar information and if you after a reliable and dependable installer of a long-lasting solar system contact SolarWide today on (07) 5309 5871.