Commercial Solar for your business.

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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar, a great financial option

Commercial solar systems are often larger than residential solar, but in many cases, they offer an even quicker return on investment than residential solar power.

​Most businesses on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gympie use electricity during the day. Not only will you reduce your electricity costs, but you will also contribute to a smarter, efficient business that runs on clean energy. Solar power can offset all of your daytime electricity use, so it only makes sense to invest today.

SolarWide undertakes professional commercial solar system installations that will create long term savings and solid returns on investment. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service from the time of initial solar enquiry and long after your home solar power solution has been installed, via our detailed aftercare service.

We have built a strong reputation for creating quality solar installs on the Sunshine Coast for smooth and professional installations. Our past customers are the greatest advocates for our business. Many of our new customers have been referred via friends and family who have used our service previously.

As a local solar specialist family business, we truly value our customers. We understand the financial pressures on families and local businesses, which is why we choose to install only the most reliable solar power systems.

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Using electrical appliances during the day means you utilise your solar generation more wisely

Commercial Solar

Solar power reduce running costs for your business

Rising electricity prices and recent advances in solar technology make a commercial solar power system a cost-effective investment with short payback periods and long term benefits.

Quality solar panel prices have fallen substantially over the past decade and subsequently, solar power is now a very affordable option providing commercial businesses with an opportunity to generate their own electricity, directly reducing their energy costs for decades.

If you are a commercial business or building owner, SolarWide is a trusted solar installation family-owned local Sunshine Coast company that gives you peace of mind, knowledge and experience.

We have installed solar power systems on residential and commercial properties, schools and community buildings right across the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Noosa region and Brisbane.

Asset write off for Commercial Solar

Recognised in the wider renewable industry for high quality and excellence in service, SolarWide provides reliable products that are not only safe and resilient but have been independently tested and are backed by comprehensive warranties.

Rising energy costs are impacting more and more on the fundamental income of small and medium businesses in Australia and will continue to do so unless business owners take action to safeguard their financial future by reducing their running costs.

With a range of tax breaks and incentives designed to assist businesses to overcome the financial pressures of ever-increasing energy bills, saving money on energy is a priority. The new Federal Government write off incentives, for example, are a great way to make commercial solar more affordable.

Commercial businesses often use the most electricity during the day, at the same time their commercial solar systems deliver the highest renewable energy output.

If your commercial solar system has been design well then the payback in less than 4 years is possible follow by many years of true bill savings.

Switch your business to solar power

Save money by generating the power for your business with solar. In Queensland, solar power systems are installed on a net meter. This means the electricity that your system generates is used first in the business and excess electricity is exported to the mains power grid.

To maximise returns, you can avoid paying for the electricity you consume yourself during normal business hours and receive a credit on your bill for the surplus power you export to the grid.

Why use SolarWide for your Commercial installation?

  • We only use the highest quality products to ensure consistency and superior performance. You will see a greater long-term return on your investment in top class components and products over time.
  • We are family-owned and operated, but that hasn’t stopped us from collaborating with top international and national solar brands to access their latest technology.
  • We care about our customers as well as the products we place on their roofs.
  • For example, we use many higher efficiency REC Solar panels
  • We insist on providing strong Clenergy racking as well as the highest quality solar safety components. Our products come with long warranties that go as long as 25 years for some product warranties.

Our staff makes the difference

We employ in-house installation teams, not subcontractors to undertake the works. The battle for a quality result is not over after choosing the right solar products. Installation crews can overlook wind loading profiles, solar panel clamping areas, and minimum height requirements for battery installation, all of which could compromise the quality of the final project.

Our solar design and installation experts have many hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of solar system installations under their belts. They can design, supply and install custom-designed renewable energy systems that meet your requirements.

They are Clean Energy Council-accredited and undergo an annual training program to keep up with the most recent developments in the fast-moving renewable energy sector. Unlike other local solar companies who rely often on sub-contractors, our work is managed and performed by our well-trained staff.

This approach ensures consistent high-quality installations, and you always know who is ultimately responsible for the work. In the years to come, the initial original staff can also still assist you with any after-sales service work.

Commercial Solar


Is going solar a good business decision?

Like many Australian business owners, you are probably looking for a way to lower your overhead costs and improve the bottom line. Cutting costs is one of the best possible ways to accomplish these goals. There are various ways to go about reducing the overhead costs and improving the bottom line but reducing the energy cost using solar systems has the added bonus of helping the environment. In the current inflating cost of electricity, it is hard to beat commercial solar energy systems when it comes to reducing energy costs. Several Australian companies/organisations are investing in these systems more than ever, and your business is not an exemption.

7 Reasons to go Commercial Solar

  1. Solar adds value to your property
  2. SolarWide systems are built to last
  3. Solar is sustainable for the environment
  4. You will guard your business against future electricity prices
  5. If you are a landlord, solar can make the tenant stay longer in the premises
  6. Substantial financial incentives and many finance methods are available, some of them making the system cash positive on day 1
  7. Quality Solar systems can offer one of the best financial returns on your investment with a payback below 4 years being possible in energy-intensive businesses.

How much power will a system make daily?

The most popular residential system in 2021 is 6.6kW of panels, but the size is slowly increasing , as with batteries people seeking to have a larger system to feed the batteries during the day, and then have spare electricity to use at night.

In any case for now lets use a 6.6kw system for our calculations. The power created will depend on several things such as direction, angle of the roof, shade and geographical location. We will use averages in this scenario.
The Clean Energy Council have been monitoring systems for years and so have SolarWide. We agree that a system in this area (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Noosa Heads and Gympie) will be expected to produce 4.2kWh per day on average, per kW of solar power installed.

For a 6.6kW system it would be 4.2 x 6.6kW = 27kWh per day.

Solar produces more energy in the long days of summer, which is great because that’s when we use air conditioners and have our pool pumps running longer. The average solar utilisation for the Sunshine Coast region is 40 -50% but please take this into consideration, every home is different. With the right consumption pattern many customers use up to 60% of the solar generated and 40% gets exported and earns a FIT.

Why invest in commercial solar power?

Solar power only works during the day when the sun is shining; this is when businesses experience high levels of usage. Solar energy can offset the power consumed during the day, and therefore, all this electricity is generated free from the sun. Also known as self-consumption and is the best way for solar to give the best return.

Here at SolarWide, we have sophisticated software that can analyse your electricity consumption every 30 minutes, for the last 12 months. So, we can determine the most suitable solar system for your business based upon your power usage patterns.

By identifying power usage patterns, SolarWide can design a system to suit the time of usage. For example, if you have peak usage in the morning, it makes sense to have a lot of the solar array facing East to capture the most power from the morning sun. If you had a high usage in the afternoon, it would make sense to have most of the solar array facing West.

Can I access Government Solar Support?

Small Scale Technology Certificates

For solar systems under 100kW, your business can benefit from the Federal Governments solar incentive scheme and benefit from STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates). This incentive dramatically reduces the cost of your solar system. An STC’s is claimable once the system has been installed and commissioned. At SolarWide, we give you the STC discount at the point of sale, and then we declare the cost to claim back from the Government after the installation of the system. So, you don’t have to worry about the application process.

Large Scale Generation Certificates

For systems of 100kW and over, you are not eligible to claim STC’s, instead can claim LGC’s. The LGC’s are paid based on how much electricity your system has generated over a time frame. For systems over 100kw, eligible for the LGC government incentives is claimed back over a period of time.

How does my business pay for Commercial Solar?

We understand that commercial solar can be a considerable upfront cost. Therefore, we have partnered with Energy Ease for commercial solar finance options. Energy Ease has competitive rates and has a straightforward process to get your solar organised.

  • Instant approval for transactions up to 150k with no financials (subject to credit criteria and approval) Up to 10-year terms
  • For equipment valued between $3k and $5 million
  • $0 upfront
  • Highly competitive plans
  • Payments may be fully tax-deductible

In most cases, our customers are saving generously from the start. Generally, your benchmark return on investment is between 20 to 40 per cent per year. Then, if you’re paying off your panels on a 2.5 to 5 year plan, that calculates to be a substantial ROI and sustainable energy practice for your organisation.

SolarWide, Sunshine Coast leading solar company, is highly accredited by many industry-leading brands and agencies.