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SolarWide is proud to provide premium internationally recognised solar energy products including solar battery solutions at the most competitive prices.

Solar battery systems store excess solar energy generated during the day and allow for later use in the evening.

It is giving you the real value of your solar electricity generated, instead of selling the excess solar power back to the energy retailer at a relatively low price during the day.

You can also use more of the system’s output and reduce your dependence on the grid, which will give you more energy certainty. How nice to know you have the convenience of electricity in your home, even if there is a power outage.

No spoiled food in the fried and freezer, no lack of electric cooking or watching the latest movie. Your modern comforts are preserved.

Sungrow offers a reliable battery solution

The quiet achiever battery, that delivers a reliable punch

Battery prices have been slowly coming down over the past 2-3 years moving the payback for some battey combos from 9-10 years to a more respectable 6-7 years. While Tesla is undoubtetly the battery that has gained the biggest market share and won the PR war, the Sungrow battery range has a great reliability and a lower price point than some of the competition. We at SolarWide have installed this solution now for quite a few years without any issues and give this product a high reliability score. So if you looking for a solar & battery solution and long term energy independence that delivers, without breaking the bank, consider a REC Twin Peak / Sungrow solution for your home.

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Adding battery backup to existing solar Sunshine Coast

Need solar battery installed in Sunshine Coast

Solar panel battery installation in Sunshine Coast allows you to capture excess solar power that would otherwise escape into the grid. Then, you can use the stored solar energy in the evenings or at night when there is no sunlight. Solar panels + battery storage = more energy independence.

Adding battery backup to existing solar Sunshine Coast can benefit you from battery storage without solar PV panels. The battery can be charged at night using cheap, off-peak electricity. Then, during the day when the rate is higher, low-cost electricity can be discharged into your home or electric car.

Get it installed with our top-rated experts with 10+ years of experience.

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Tesla Batteries have been in Australia for over 5 years and have proven to be reliable with easy to check monitoring

BYD solar batteries are reliable and cost efficient and we had positive experiences with this product in corrosive environments

SolarWide gets regular solar enquiries from owners of existing solar systems if they can add a battery to their system. For a solar battery to get enough energy to charge properly a minimum of 5 to 6kw of solar needs to be on the roof.

Otherwise, the solar system is simply not large enough to create electricity for use during the day and also to charge the battery for nighttime use.

So sometimes the system needs an expansion, or an additional separate system needs to get added to enough capacity.

Then there is also the question if the inverter from the existing system is battery compatible. We suggest if you are interested in a solar battery addition, contact SolarWide for independent and free advice.

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SolarWide Solar Specials

Standard Residential
BEST SELLERWill suit up to a 4 person home
15 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
5kW Sungrow inverter*
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
10yr Install Warranty
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*Upgrade to Fronius Primo GEN24 - 5kW (Austrian-made) for only $4.70 p/week extra

Large Residential
MAXI SAVERUp to $3,000 savings p.a.
23 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
10kW Sungrow inverter*
Sungrow S100 Smart meter
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
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*Upgrade to Fronius Primo GEN24 10kW (Austrian-made) for only $6.95 p/week extra

Battery & Solar Combo
Smart home
ENERGY INDEPENDENTIncludes essential back up power
15 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
5kW Sungrow hybrid inverter
Sungrow 9.6kWh battery
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
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Install conditions:

  1. All installations are undertaken by SolarWide employees. No Sub-contractors!
  2. Prices are based on a 2024 installation and are after STC’s have been assigned to SolarWide Pty Ltd and are based on a single-storey roof within 100km of our Warana office. Extra costs may apply for meter box upgrades, roof type, and installations over 3 or more roof sections. A site inspection is required to confirm the final pricing.
  3. Prices are correct as of 12/02/2024
  4. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of SolarWide.
  5. Based on a single-phase inverter.
  6. All finance pricing is based on a 7-year Plenti Green Loan and is subject to approval. Contact us for cash pricing.
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How does a battery storage system work?

Solar battery systems work by storing excess solar power generated during the day for use later in the evening. This is more cost-effective than selling it back to your retailer at a lower rate during the day, and it allows you to use more of your system’s production and reduce your reliance on the grid, saving you more than you would otherwise.

When you install solar panels, you will typically instal a ‘grid-tied,’ net-metered solar panel system. This means that if your solar panels produce more electricity than you require, you can export the excess to the grid, and vice versa, if you consume more electricity than your panels produce, you can draw directly from the grid.

Net metering works by allowing you to run your electricity metre backwards when putting extra energy onto the grid and forwards when pulling from the grid, with your energy retailer billing you on the electricity you use.

Instead of exporting any excess solar production to the grid, you can use it to charge your energy storage system first with a solar plus storage system. When you need electricity after the sun has set, you can draw from your solar battery rather than the power grid.

How long do solar batteries last?

Your solar system generates free energy when you most need it. A solar storage system will, however, cost you money upfront. To work out the financial returns and to see if it is all worth it, you should find out how long the batteries will last and how often you will need them to be replaced before you purchase them.

The average lifespan of solar batteries today is five to fifteen years, depending on the technology, quality, discharge rate and other factors, such as exposure to heat for example.  Although this is a wide range of time spans, it means that you will likely have to replace them during your solar system’s 25 year lifespan. There are many external factors that can affect the lifespan of your battery. You may have noticed that after a while, your smartphone or laptop battery doesn’t last as long.

When it was brand new, a fully charged battery might have lasted twelve hours on your laptop, but now you need to charge it after 4 hours. It is annoying, but it is the current reality when dealing with batteries.

Your battery’s life expectancy will decrease the more you charge and discharge it. After a certain amount of cycles, your batteries won’t be able to store or discharge enough energy to make it worthwhile. The battery’s lifespan is therefore variable. The battery’s life span is not determined by the age of the batteries, but how often each owner uses them, and also the depth of discharge plays a role. If you drain the battery every time to the max, the battery will not last as long, as if you only discharge 50 % of the batteries capacity, before it gets charged again.

The environment around the battery can also affect its life and performance as well.

We recommend storing your batteries in a garage, basement, or other areas of your building that is away from the elements.

Warmer temperatures can accelerate the chemical reaction within the batteries, which will reduce the battery’s life expectancy and increase wear on the battery. Extreme cold causes electrons to slow down and chemical reactions to occur faster, which in turn makes the battery drain much quicker. The life expectancy for solar batteries, therefore, has many variables. Most solar batteries can be expected to last a bit more than 10 years.  You can be sure that your battery will last longer if you use it properly and choose quality products with excellent manufacturer warranties.

What are the home battery benefits?

Renewable energy can be generated by wind, sun, and tide power. It refers to the use of many resources that don’t deplete and are continually replenished. This is how solar energy can be generated and stored in solar batteries. Many people wonder if solar batteries are actually beneficial.

Some of the major benefits of solar batteries are that it allows for more efficient solar power use. To ensure that this power can be used at all times, it is necessary to use batteries. Your excess power can be stored in batteries so that you can draw on the batteries instead of the grid during overcast days or when the solar system is not producing enough power.

It also provides additional protection. The use of energy storage batteries decouples renewable energy production from use at low consumption periods. These systems can overcome the problems caused by intermittent energy production, which is a common problem in some regional far away regions.

It allows solar system owners less dependence on the grid. You can build a home that is more resilient and less dependent on the grid with solar battery systems. So should there for example be a bushfire, your water pumps will still work and you can potentially save the house. So, a battery storage system can be used to provide power for key areas of your home, even if you live in an area with unstable grids.

Solar batteries can help you reduce your carbon footprint and get closer to self-sufficiency. These systems are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution and save money as well. Finally, battery storage systems make sure that no energy is wasted. Solar storage batteries offer many benefits and are becoming more and more popular. Contact SolarWide to find out more.

Are lithium-ion batteries safe?

Solar batteries, like any other electrical item in your home, are complex and may pose some risks to both your home and the environment. A modern solar battery, with proper installation, maintenance, and safety precautions, can be a great tool for making your household smarter and, most importantly, more comfortable all year.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of solar battery, they pose a slightly higher risk of fire, explosion, or the emission of non-flammable gases – especially if installed incorrectly or if the battery is of poor quality. This is due to the chemical composition of lithium-ion batteries, which makes them more susceptible to overheating and combustion. However, with a trusted installer, and reliable battery brand, they pose the same low risk as any other solar battery.

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