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Residential Solar

SolarWide has installed over 5000 local solar systems since 2011. We custom design each system to suit your home.

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Commercial Solar

Let us help you reduce your energy bills so you can put your dollars into other areas of your business.

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Solar Batteries

Many existing solar owners are now looking for a home battery. We can help you become energy independent.

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SolarWide – Best Solar Company
on the Sunshine Coast

SolarWide is your local Sunshine Coast based solar installation company supplying and installing long-lasting solar power systems since 2011. We are passionate about all aspects of solar and are proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial solar power systems, hybrid battery storage options & full off-grid solar and battery systems.

In the last decade, we have installed close to 5000 solar and battery systems right across the wider Sunshine Coast and Noosa region, as far as Gympie in the North and throughout Brisbane area in the South. Taken all together, our experience has seen us install over 100,000 quality panels on the roofs of Sunshine Coast homes and businesses.

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Prioritising Quality and Reliability Over Costly Compromises

At SolarWide, we prioritise quality and reliability over cheap, unreliable systems. While some companies offer tempting low prices for solar installations, these systems often come with hidden costs. Cheap systems are more likely to fail, leaving you with the headache of repairs and unreliable energy production.

Unlike these companies, we invest in premium products and expert installation, ensuring your solar system works seamlessly from day one. While it may cost a bit more upfront, our commitment to quality means you won’t have to waste time or money fixing problems down the line.

LG Solar Panels 18.48kW system

18.48kW system with LG and Fronius at Minyama on the Sunshine Coasts

Quality Solutions

Why choose SolarWide

At SolarWide, we are committed to providing quality and professional solar power installations, partnered with outstanding customer service so that you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

Since we were established in early 2011 solar has been a very competitive landscape and we have seen dozens of solar companies come and go on the Sunshine Coast. This has meant customers were left stranded with failing systems and useless warranties.

Fortunately, our business continues to thrive because of our dedication to being the best solar installers in the region.

We service all suburbs across the Sunshine Coast including the outlying areas of Gympie, Yandina, Coolum Beach and Noosa Heads in the North and throughout Brisbane to North Lakes, Redcliffe and Carina etc in the South.

Quality Installations

We complete all of our installations with our full-time, highly trained inhouse electricians (No sub contractors)

Customer Services

Delivering excellent, prompt customer service and fair pricing for jobs of all sizes. Don't just take our word for it. Check out our amazing google reviews from some of our past customers.

100% Locally Owned & Operated

We have been in business for more than a decade and continue to grow. So for advice and after sales service we are only a call away.

Dan Spence SolarWide General Manager

With over 5,000 Solar Systems installed since 2011.

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SolarWide Solar Specials

Standard Residential
BEST SELLERWill suit up to a 4 person home
15 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
5kW Sungrow inverter*
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
10yr Install Warranty
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*Upgrade to Fronius Primo GEN24 - 5kW (Austrian-made) for only $4.70 p/week extra

Large Residential
MAXI SAVERUp to $3,000 savings p.a.
23 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
10kW Sungrow inverter*
Sungrow S100 Smart meter
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
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*Upgrade to Fronius Primo GEN24 10kW (Austrian-made) for only $6.95 p/week extra

Battery & Solar Combo
Smart home
ENERGY INDEPENDENTIncludes essential back up power
15 x 440W - Trina Solar - Vertex S+ (25yr warranty)
5kW Sungrow hybrid inverter
Sungrow 9.6kWh battery
Clenergy solar racking system
Local inhouse install
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Install conditions:

  1. All installations are undertaken by SolarWide employees. No Sub-contractors!
  2. Prices are based on a 2024 installation and are after STC’s have been assigned to SolarWide Pty Ltd and are based on a single-storey roof within 100km of our Warana office. Extra costs may apply for meter box upgrades, roof type, and installations over 3 or more roof sections. A site inspection is required to confirm the final pricing.
  3. Prices are correct as of 12/02/2024
  4. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of SolarWide.
  5. Based on a single-phase inverter.
  6. All finance pricing is based on a 7-year Plenti Green Loan and is subject to approval. Contact us for cash pricing.
For finance conditions please see hereMore Package Info

“- My name’s Greg Young, we’re located in Minyama which is on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We’re quite close to the coast. We live in a saltwater environment and that was an important factor in the decision on our system. It had to work well in this environment and also be able to withstand relatively harsh environmental conditions. The system that we installed has 18kW of capacity. We had to plan the solar system in such a way that it would work well in a marine environment. We’re very very close to saltwater and we wanted solar panels and a racking system that was going to last. We needed a system that would stand up to the elements. Particularly the harsh elements on the Sunshine Coast very close to saltwater and a salty environment.

– [Dan] You put a cheap system in this area it’s simply going to fail after a short period of time. The salt mist is quite severe, with a cheaper solar panel will work its way in, it will find a way into the panel which can degrade the panel, it can corrode elements of it. And often what we find is, the first thing is it allows water and moisture to get into the panel which is a big problem.

– As part of the process, I spoke to about six different solar companies around the region and SolarWide I felt comfortable with their understanding of my needs their ability to work with me. Because we wanted to install and engineer a system that was of course functional, met our performance but also minimized the visual impact and the aesthetics on the house.

– [Dan] So one of our most popular panels is LG. LG have the highest salt rating available. They’ve passed all of the extra tests to ensure that they are not going to be affected by salt mist. They will in fact warrant panels right to the ocean in full salt list environments, without a problem. Fully warranted, 25 years for product and 25 years for performance.

– [Greg] We’re very passionate about the climate we want to ensure that we have a good, healthy country for the future of our children and we believe that everybody should be considering solar and alternate sources of energy.”

How do high quality solar panels help Sunshine Coast homeowners insure against salt mist corrosion

Meet our solar customer Greg Young, who had LG solar panels installed on his home in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast.  Greg aims to reduce his electricity costs and contribute to helping the environment by reducing his energy consumption.


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