Tesla Batteries in Sunshine Coast

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Tesla Batteries in Sunshine Coast

Tesla Batteries have been in Australia for over 5 years and have proven to be reliable with easy to check monitoring

Tesla Batteries

About Tesla Batteries in Sunshine Coast

The Powerwall is a great home energy storage system. The Tesla home battery range has been installed and operating reliably in Australia for more than 5 years. It boasts some amazing features, such as back up during blackout, one can set the discharge rate and minimum % of discharge. It will prioritise if it should dispatch into your home or export to the grid, depending on your programming.

Take advantage of the Tesla Energy limited-time offer and receive $750 rebate on your Powerwall purchase.

For each Powerwall installed and registered between August 11 and December 31 2023.

The Tesla Powerwall is an excellent battery. For a fair price, it has advanced features, looks great, and offers impressive technical specifications, making it a top choice when considering a solar battery purchase. So ask the Solar Wide Sunshine Coast battery specialists for more details.

Life Expectancy

The Powerwall’s life expectancy is quite typical for lithium-ion batteries. It is expected to retain 70% of initial capacity after 10 years. How long the Tesla Powerwall battery lasts overall will depend on its operating mode, installation conditions and the depth of regular discharge.

High Power Rating

One significant improvement was made to the Powerwall+: it now has a higher power rating. The continuous power rating of a battery tells you how many appliances it can power at the same time. When the sun shines, Powerwall batteries can provide 8 kW continuous power and 6 kW in the evening and night. A single Powerwall can now power lights, power outlets and 240volt appliances like your fridge, TV, washing machine, and washer all at the same time.

Off-grid Power

The Powerwall’s ability to produce more power off-grid is another excellent feature. It can release between 7 kW and 9.6kW, depending on the weather conditions. The Powerwall therefore can power some additional appliances in your home if it is disconnected from the grid during an outage. Naturally during a blackout it is nevertheless wise to preserve power in order to stay in the electricity supply as much as possible. So a blackout is not the time to cook a big roast in the electric oven.

Peak Power Rating

A battery’s peak power rating is in addition to its continuous power rating. This is the maximum power that a battery can produce in a short time. In essence, the maximum power rating measures the battery’s ability to withstand short power surges such as when equipment like a microwave draws more electricity when it starts.

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