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Ensuring Long-Term Efficiency Through Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your solar panels operating efficiently. While solar panels themselves don’t have moving parts, they still require attention to ensure optimal performance.

At SolarWide, we recommend a thorough system check and cleaning every 18 to 24 months to prevent any buildup of dirt or debris that could affect their effectiveness. Our team conducts a comprehensive inspection, checking the racking, cabling, and overall system health to address any issues promptly.

Don’t overlook the importance of maintenance – it’s key to maximiing the lifespan and efficiency of your solar investment.

Qualified CEC-accredited Solar Electricians in Sunshine Coast

Solar System Health Check

SolarWide offers a local Sunshine Coast solar panel cleaning and maintenance service for a grid-connected solar power system of any size, as long as it is located on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding regions.

After a few years a solar system, like a car should have a check-up. The things to look out for are loosening of panels, debris accumulation under the panels, any chewing on cables from cockatoos or rodents, the overall performance of the system and much more.

Our PV system health check will ensure that everything is working correctly and you’re getting the optimum output from your solar power system. A Full Service Health Check – Sunshine Coast solar panel cleaning and maintenance check starts from just $229*.

Our Solar Health Check is carried out by a CEC accredited electrician and includes:

  • Detailed Inspection of your solar panel system;
  • Inspection and cleaning of solar panels;
  • Removal of any debris surrounding the solar panel array and cabling;
  • Power output performance check and comparing to ideal output;
  • Cable run testing;
  • Mounting frame security check;
  • Inverter performance review and test;
  • Test safety switches for optimal function;
  • Signage check to see it complies to lasted rules and regulations.

We offer our Solar Panel clean and maintenance service as a once off service or you may choose to sign up for our annual health check program.

*Quoted price includes up to 10 panel solar panel system on a single story house within 50 km drive from Warana, Queensland. Add $30 for a double story house. For larger systems or commercial installation, please contact us for an estimate.

Experienced Solar Electricians and Solar Inverter Repairs Expert in Sunshine Coast

Solar System Repairs and Upgrades

SolarWide is available to undertake solar system repairs and upgrades. We would like nevertheless to provide you with one word of warning in regard to system repairs. The Sunshine Coast is relatively unforgiving to cheaper solar components due to our salt mist corrosion air, and the sometimes humid climate.

This weather over a few years can be deadly for soar panel lamination spots and cheaper quality backing sheets on panels, causing regularly water ingress and corrosion, leading to panel failures. Often when we get called out to check a faulty system, the low budget systems, are often beyond repair. The famous saying “You get what you pay for” still holds true.

If you have a faulty or old solar system that you want to fix or replace it would be advised to do it sooner rather than later, whilst government incentives are still widely available.

The most popular system size we sell is currently 6.6kW. A 6.6kW system in 2021 is eligible for the creation of 91 STC’s (small scale technology certificates) on the Sunshine Coast. Each STC has a value of $37.20 (based on pricing in July 2021) which means that a 6.6kW system is eligible for a solar rebate – also know as the an STC incentive of close to $3,400.

A medium quality 6.6kW system typically has a full price value of about $9,000. When one removes the $3,385 STC rebate/discount, the total out of pocket cost come to is just over $5,500.

Making sure your home solar system is performing at its full potential

There are a number of reasons that solar panels and the inverter fail to perform at their full potential. For example, the build-up of dirt and debris might be blocking some of the sunshine that should be reaching the solar panels.
In contrast, other causes range from human errors such as bad wiring and unnoticed shutdowns to simple wear and tear eating into the system components over the years.

Whatever the cause, the failure of solar panels to perform at their full potential means that the home and business owners will not be able to collect the benefits that they have a right to expect.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem in the form of scheduling solar panel check-ups on an annual basis. First, this serves to ensure that the solar panels are running as they should be, while also making it possible for corrective action to be taken on the spot if they aren’t.

Second, this service provides all of the minor cleaning and maintenance needed to keep most systems running as smoothly as possible. Finally, solar panel check-ups are important because they let users know about potential issues in their systems before they can become serious problems.

By scheduling solar panel check-ups on an annual basis, users ensure that they will receive maximum value for their spending on their solar panels. Contact SolarWide today to book this important service.

Top-Rated Solar Inverter Repairs in Sunshine Coast

Solar Inverter Repairs

Have you noticed that your energy bills have risen significantly recently or that your solar system is not working?
Solar inverter repairs may be required on your system. We can help.

Our inverter repairs experts will be able to identify faults once an inspection has been performed, and whether you are on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas, you will be in good hands knowing that SolarWide meets your needs.

One of the most common faults in the solar system is related to the solar inverter, as this is the hardest working part of any solar system. SolarWide Sunshine Coast can repair or replace your inverter with minimal effort, ensuring your solar system performs optimally.

No matter where you purchased your solar power system, SolarWide will help you with your inverter repairs, so don’t wait, get the best solar inverter repairs Sunshine Coast at SolarWide.

System check and Cleaning pricing

From $229
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11-20 PANELS
From $299
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21-30 PANELS
From $379
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  • Extra $7 per panel for systems over 30 panels up to 100 panels.
  • Add $30 for 2 storey buildings
  • For systems larger than 100 panels please contact us for pricing
  • For building greater than 2 storeys with access issues, or with a roof pitch over 30° please contact us for pricing


Can my solar panels be damaged by hail?

At SolarWide, we provide high-quality solar panels constructed with strong aluminium frames and covered with tempered glass. Tempered glass is up to six times stronger than regular plate glass and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, on the Sunshine Coast, hail damage is a real possibility and in such instances, it’s good to know that our installed panels have been tested to withstand strong hail. Nevertheless, should one of your panels be damaged by hail then this matter is a home insurance claim, just like if your roof tiles or your window glass would be damaged by hail.

How does a solar power system work?

The modern solar system is highly efficient and for example, a 6.6Kw system provides sufficient electricity for the daily needs of an average home. The PV system consists of panels that send DC power to an inverter, which then converts to AC power to supply energy to your home.

Any excess power will be sold back to the grid for a nominal price per kilowatt. Our consultants will discuss the size of your solar system with you so that you can get the best return on your investment. The amount of electricity created depends on the solar system’s capacity and installation direction. SolarWide supplies high quality long-lasting solar power systems for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. You can talk with us today about sizing your system to best suit your needs.

SolarWide, Sunshine Coast leading solar company, is highly accredited by many industry-leading brands and agencies.