10 Top Tips to Get a Great Solar and Battery Solution

A free guide to help you in your solar & battery purchase journey.

Buying a solar &battery solution is a significant investment. Getting the best long-term solution also ensures the biggest savings.

We engaged a 20-year veteran of the solar industry to share his knowledge and write for us this informative guide to help you on your journey.

Our guide explains the opportunities and pitfalls in this journey.

Cheap solar will always disappoint

The old saying – you get what you pay for is true when it comes to solar & batteries. Cheap systems inevitably cause issues so why not download our Guide and learn about:

  • How a good quote should look;
  • The various warranties and how they work;
  • How does quality after sales service with Solarwide works?
  • How to properly check out the companies you consider for the job;

It’s free! We don’t want all your details. Just give us the email to send it to and click the download button and off you go! No Catch. No marketing calls. Why? Well.. We care about what we do and by providing important information to everyone that they can make the best solar & battery choice!


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