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Buying solar solutions is a big decision and a significant purchase. Please take your time to research and make sure you get the correct system for your personal needs.

At SolarWide our team is well skilled in all aspects of site inspection, so these types of issues do not come up during installation.

We aim to combine the right mix of fair price, excellent product and installation quality and ongoing system support for many years to come. For this reason, check out real customer feedback. It will give you peace of mind that when choosing SolarWide, you will get the best Sunshine Coast renewable energy company.

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SolarWide's Approach to Complex Installations

Installing solar systems in challenging locations is not uncommon for us at SolarWide. We’ve encountered various situations, from remote areas requiring everything to be flown in, to architecturally complex homes with unconventional roof designs.

While these jobs can present unique challenges, we always conduct thorough site visits beforehand. Unlike some companies that sell solely over the phone, we prefer to visit each location personally.

This approach allows us to assess the site properly, anticipate any potential issues, and ensure a smooth installation process without surprises on the big day.

We do not support fast talking sales persons with lots of quick promises

The Cheap Alternative

Solar has attracted many fast-talking slick salespeople. These salespeople just sell systems – they don’t install them.

They often sell ridiculously cheap, often low-quality solar systems, but dress them up with slick marketing, famous personalities, and other gimmicks. BUT- they tend to go missing when you need any after-sales service or install fix-ups.

Many of these sales companies sell over the phone only or when they inspect your home, they regularly miss things that during the install can prove to be costly additions.  Some of them that come to your home to quote are selling fairly average products at very high prices, but use pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up straight away. THIS IS NOT HOW SolarWide WORKS!.

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SolarWide offer peace of mind. We have gained 5 star Google Reviews from over 100 real customers.

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In our many genuine 5 star Google Reviews our local customers congratulate our friendly staff on their attention to detail, the installation quality and the excellent customer service.

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SolarWide, Sunshine Coast leading solar company, is highly accredited by many industry-leading brands and agencies.