There are many solar companies offering many options. On the Sunshine Coast there is only SolarWide that follows the three principles of:

Best quality in install and components

As a 2nd generation family owned we focus on high quality personal service and custom designed solar & battery solutions to give the best long term financial returns.

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Customer Focused, Locally Owned

We have been in business for more than a decade and will be available for the all-important after service. For your long term support we are only a local call away.

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Great Inhouse Staff, not Sub-Contractors

We do not sell you a system and then pass it to another sub-contractor. All our installations are carried out by our own in-house teams of solar installers.

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Prioritising Quality for Long-Term Success

At SolarWide, we prioritise quality over short-term gains. While it may seem lucrative to sell cheap solar systems, we’ve seen the fallout in the industry. Many installers have disappeared due to issues with low-quality systems and numerous recalls, leaving behind dissatisfied customers and tarnished reputations.

Our approach is different. We believe in the long-term success of our business and the satisfaction of our customers. By focusing on quality installations, we ensure that our systems are reliable and durable, providing value for years to come.

SolarWide is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to quality sets us apart in the industry, and we’re proud to be a trusted name in solar energy.

LG panels are tested to many extreme testing limits

Quality Solutions

Quality Equipment

We collaborate with leading national and international solar brands to gain access to their latest technology. We only use high quality and proven products from manufacturers that are strong and will be around to honour their long product warranties.

This quality 1st approach means over time, the slightly higher investment in products and components will give you a safer solar system and a better long-term financial return.

For example, we use the highly regarded REC Solar panels that have been proved for over 25 years to be of the highest quality.

We also insist on supplying strong racking/framing and the best quality solar safety components. Many of our products have long product warranties which range from 25 years for panels to 10 years for our recommended inverter solutions.

100% Locally Owned

Customer Focused

As a local family business, we truly value our customers. We understand the financial pressures on families and local businesses, which is why we choose to install only the most reliable solar power systems.

We have built a strong reputation on the Sunshine Coast for smooth and professional installations. Our past customers are the greatest advocates for our business. Many of our new customers have been referred via friends and family who have used our service previously.

SolarWide’s solar systems will create long term savings and solid returns on investment. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service from the time of initial solar enquiry and long after your home solar power solution has been installed, via our detailed after sales service.

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Monitoring your solar system will ensure you get no surprise with big bills.

Our install crews have installed thousands of local solar systems

Not Sub-Contractors

Great In-house Staff

We are passionate about solar and batteries and only employ highly qualified system designers and electricians. This means we are at the forefront of fast-moving smart and energy-efficient home development. We will provide the most appropriate solution.

We do not sell you a system and then pass it to a subcontractor to find his way. All our installations are carried out by our own in-house teams of solar installers to ensure that our installation quality is consistent and always at its peak.

Our in-house installation teams also offer solar and battery repair and post-installation servicing and maintenance.​ Because of our customer and quality focus, we know the solar power systems that we install will last the distance, despite the Sunshine Coast’s famous corrosion and wind load challenges.

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Our History

A 1997 90W Siemens solar panel. PV technlogy has come a long way.

In February 2011 SolarWide was established, just as solar starting to take off in Australia. The Federal Government was providing generous solar rebates and the Queensland State government had introduced a massive Feed-in Tariff (FIT) of 44 cents.

The solar industry was booming, and installations were churned out fast. In many instances, solar systems were as small as 6 x 175W panels and a 1.5kW size, while now, we can see average residential solar sizes come up to 6, 7 and even 15 kW with 370W, and even 390W panels. 

We observed in the industry how regularly rebates and fast installations were the key installer’s motivations in the early days, more so than doing it right by the customer.

Needless to say that many of these original installation companies have all disappeared, and in the Sunshine Coast alone, there would be many thousands of orphaned solar systems looking for support. 

From our early days we decided that we wanted to provide an excellent solar experience for our customers and generate a long-lasting high performing solar system. 

This attitude has proven to be the correct cause of action, as in many cases we are now seeing early customers coming back to SolarWide for system expansions and to buy their new larger solar system and batteries.

We have weathered the solar industry challenges of the past decade well and gained experience and strength from this journey.

​Today our business continues to thrive because of our dedication to being the best solar installers in the region and giving solid care to our customer’s needs. 

We are happy to declare after more than a decade of solar installation by a local family business: “Our commitment to quality solar continues for now and the future.”

How the SolarWide installation process works

1. Is solar right for you?

After you contact us, we will discuss your needs and see if solar can help you save.

2. Is your roof suitable?

We will then arrange a free site inspection to investigate your roof suitability for solar.

3. Your personal solution.

We will design several solar energy system solutions tailored for your home.

4. An informed decision.

You will evaluate our proposals and make a final decision as to the preferred solar system.

5. Professional installation.

Our in-house teams will manage the PV installation with minimal interruptions to your day.

6. System hand-over.

We will provide you with a manual and training on system maintenance and service. 

After the install is finished we don’t forget you. We will call you after 3 months and 12 months just to make sure that you are still happy with everything.

SolarWide, Sunshine Coast leading solar company, is highly accredited by many industry-leading brands and agencies.