Benefits of solar energy for Australian business owners


It is all about your business responsibility and obtaining the “green” label. If your business gets electricity from solar power, it will reduce the greenhouse emission and consumption of fossil fuel, hence reducing the carbon footprint. It is good for the planet and good for business. In fact, it will not only reduce operating costs, but also serves as a great marketing tool for your business.

Cuts electricity bill

If you install a solar power system, you can eliminate or considerably reduce your business monthly electricity utility bill and cut business risk going forward. With the threat of continued rise in electricity prices, there are significant challenges for any Australian business. However, by generating your own power with solar, you can minimize your cost of electricity and even eliminate or reduce its sensitivity to future rate increases.

Improves property value

Studies have shown that businesses with solar systems sold at a higher price point than businesses without such systems. The price premium you can get for the solar systems is more than the original capital investment.

An excellent return on investment

Australia, and especially Queensland has good year-round sunshine, making the solar system investment a sound and wise business decision. In fact, a drop in the cost of solar panels means more money for your business. Investing in solar power for your business generates both quick payback and long-term savings for your business.

Incentives, rebates and tax credits

Take advantage of state, federal and local tax incentives. There are generous Australian government incentives available to help you make a worthwhile investment in your business energy future. Make sure you understand these incentives before deciding against commercial solar power.