Invest in Your Energy Future

Why Choose REC Alpha Pure-RX Series?

Solar energy is an investment, not just a purchase.


Designed for homeowners who understand that quality and long-term performance are worth the initial investment.

REC Quality

Unmatched Efficiency


Maximise Your Roof

The Pure-RX’s gapless design squeezes more power from every inch of your roof, meaning you generate more electricity even with limited space. This is especially valuable in Australia, where sunshine is abundant.

Beat the Heat

REC’s heterojunction cell technology thrives in high temperatures, ensuring your panels maintain peak efficiency even on scorching Australian summer days.


Durability Beyond Compare


Built for the Long Haul

REC’s solder-free cell connections and super-strong frame mean your panels are engineered to withstand the harshest Australian weather conditions, from scorching sun to heavy rain and strong winds.

Warranty That Works

REC’s 25-year power output warranty, backed by their proven track record, gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

REC Warranty

Aesthetics That Impress


Sleek and Stylish

The Pure-RX’s all-black design adds a touch of sophistication to your home, enhancing its curb appeal while harnessing the sun’s power.

Made in Singapore

Manufacture and Sustainability

Produced at REC’s cutting-edge facility in Singapore, the Pure-RX exemplifies our dedication to quality and sustainability.


The SolarWide Difference

Why Your REC Panel Installation Matters: The SolarWide Advantage

Choosing the right solar panels is just the first step. The quality of your installation can make or break your solar experience. Here’s why partnering with SolarWide for your REC Alpha Pure-RX Series is the smartest choice

Expert Installation

Our REC Certified Solar Professionals ensure your system is installed flawlessly, maximizing energy production and system lifespan.

Unparalleled Support

SolarWide is committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout your solar journey.

rec awards

Your Investment, Your Returns

Yes, the REC Alpha Pure-RX Series is a premium product, but it’s an investment that pays you back.

Expert Higher Energy Yields

More efficient panels mean more electricity generated, leading to greater savings on your energy bills and a faster return on investment.

Increased Property Value

A high-quality solar system like the Pure-RX makes your home more attractive to buyers and can increase its resale value.

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REC Alpha Pure RX


  • Industry-leading module efficiency of 22.6%
  • REC panels are premium quality, but the REC Alpha Pure RX is the best of the best. If you want to maximise your output on your Roof-space and have the best you can get, REC’s Alpha Pure RX is the way to go.
  • Great visual appearance with gapless black cells and black frame & backing sheet. This is a very sexy panel!
  • Ideally suited for the QLD climate with an incredible temperature coefficient of PMax of -0.24%/°C.
  • 25-Year Product Warranty – Full parts and labour warranty held in Australia.
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty – The initial degradation of the module is -2%, in the 1st year and then slows to only -0.25%/year, which is one of the best results in the market. This brings a 92% warranted output after 25 years, compared to a range of 80.2% to 85% for many competing panels.
  • Panel size of 1728 x 1205 x 30 mm (2.08 m²)
  • Made in Singapore
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SolarWide, Sunshine Coast leading solar company, is highly accredited by many industry-leading brands and agencies.